The course structures an innovation process for students to enter the Design for San Diego challenge. Students will form teams to conduct user research, sketch ideas, and produce a minimal viable prototype for a civic problem related to making San Diego a more sustainable city. Teams will also produce visual materials to pitch their concept and enter the D4SD design challenge to compete with other teams from the city.

Assignments due each week will guide students through key stages of design and innovation. By the end of the quarter, teams will produce a video pitch, prototype, and poster that describes their proposal for how to improve San Diego.


  1. Data-centered discussions
  2. User research reports
  3. "How might we" problem frames
  4. Storyboards
  5. Preliminary prototypes
  6. Prototype testing
  7. Video scripts and storyboards
  8. Style guides and poster drafts
  9. Final submissions (poster, short presentation, final prototype, and portfolio piece)