This page includes links to online resources for design methods, data sources related to San Diego civic issues, and popular books about design, entrepreneurship, and urban design.

Links to online design resources

Design for San Diego (D4SD) Process Guide and Stakeholder Relationship Advice

IDEO Design Toolkit

Stanford d.School Resources for supporting Human-Centered Design

Handbook on Participatory Action Research, Planning, and Evaluation

Participatory Design Research Techniques

Asset Mapping in an Asset-Based Community Development framework

Asset Mapping: A handbook

Atlanta Community Engagement Playbook

Agile Science: Create Phase Worksheets

Service Design Toolkit

Tactical Urbanism Guide; example projects

Five Lessons in Tactical Urbanism

Urban Street Design Guide

The Open Book of Social Innovation

DIY Toolkit

Design with People

Liberating Structures

Remake Learning Playbook

ToolboxToolbox - a curated list of design and organizational toolkits

Pactful social innovation for teens

Data sets

UCSD Transportation Surveys

San Diego City and County Data

California State Data

National and Global Data Sources


There is no official text book for the course. If you like to buy and read books, we recommend the following about smart and sustainable cities:

Check out these books about design process and creativity:

Good books on entrepreneurship: