Week 1

Tuesday Jan 7:

  • Lectures: Course introduction
  • Enrollment, logistics, website, icebreaker

Thursday Jan 9:

  • Lectures: Evidence-driven design
  • Guest: Brian McInnis from UCSD
  • Icebreaker, studio time

Deliverables due by 5pm on Friday Jan 10:

  • A1 Search the web to explore a problem space (individual assignment)
  • Reading reflection due: "Civic Design" by DiSalvo and Le Dantec

Week 2

Tuesday Jan 14:

  • Lecture: Field research methods (interviewing, observation, surveys)
  • Studio time

Thursday Jan 16:

  • Studio time (pair up for A3 and A4 and prep for field research)

Deliverables due by 5pm on Friday Jan 17:

  • A2 Find and discuss data relevant to problem areas (individual assignment)
  • Reading reflection due: "Needfinding: The Why and How of Uncovering People's Needs" by Patnaik and Becker

Week 3

Tuesday Jan 21:

  • Introduce A4 assignment
  • Guests: Lima Saft from CalTrans, Howard Blackson from AVRP Skyport, and Don Murphy from IBI Group
  • Studio time

Thursday Jan 23:

  • Guests: Antoinette Meier from SANDAG and Colleen Emmenegger from Design Lab
  • Studio time

Deliverables due by 5pm on Friday Jan 24:

Week 4

Tuesday Jan 28:

  • Lecture: Problem framing
  • Studio time: "Problem sketching" activity
  • Guests: Steve MacNeil from UCSD, Josh Kavanagh from UCSD campus planning, and Dan Lenzen from LJCDS

Thursday Jan 30:

  • Guests: Alyssa Muto from City of San Diego and Roger Lewis
  • Studio time (work on A3/A4)

Deliverables due by 5pm on Friday Jan 31:

  • A3 Conduct Field Research and A4 Write a Problem Report (pair assignment)
  • Reading reflection due: "Universal Methods of Design" (selected pages) by Martin and Hanington

Week 5

Tuesday Feb 4:

  • Lecture: Ideation sprint
  • Guests: Kevin "The Idea Guy" Popovic, Laura Spencer, Bryan "Sage" Rill, Jennifer Taylor
  • Studio time (Ideation and team formation)

Thursday Feb 6:

  • Lecture: Scenarios, storyboards, and speed dating
  • Guests: Brent Boyd from MTS and Dave Schumacher from WSP
  • Studio time (bring one scenario and one storyboard to review and revise)

Deliverables due by 5pm on Friday Feb 7:

  • A5 Create Storyboards (team assignment)
  • Final team sign up
  • Reading reflection due: "Rapidly Exploring Application Design through Speed Dating" by Davidoff, Lee, Dey and Zimmerman

Week 6

Tuesday Feb 11:

  • Midterm presentations (in-person speed dating)
  • Guests: Colin Santulli from City of San Diego, Dave Schumacher from WSP, Debbie Leung and Matt Cox from IBI Group

Thursday Feb 13:

  • Midterm presentations (in-person speed dating)
  • Guests: Coleen Clementson from SANDAG, Everett Hauser from City of San Diego, Catherine Thibault, Amy Jackson, and Cecily Taylor from Fehr & Peers

Deliverables due by 5pm on Friday Feb 14:

  • Reading reflection due: "How Prototyping Practices Affect Design Results" by Dow

Week 7

Tuesday Feb 18:

  • Lectures: Pivoting, prototyping, MVPs, service enactments, tactical urbanism
  • Discuss Final Project deliverables
  • Guest: Sean van Tyne
  • Studio time (prototyping)

Thursday Feb 20:

  • Studio time (work on A6 and prototypes)

Deliverables due by 5pm on Friday Feb 21:

  • Reading reflection due: "What do Prototypes Prototype?" by Houde and Hill

Week 8

Tuesday Feb 25:

  • Drafts due: draft of team's testable prototype and testing plan
  • Deliverables due: A6 preliminary team proposals
  • Studio critique around prototypes and testing plans

Thursday Feb 27:

  • Lectures: Pitching and advocating (portfolios, videos, posters)
  • Studio time (prototypes, moodboards, style guides, and video scripts)

Deliverables due by 5pm on Friday Feb 28:

  • Reading reflection due: "Crowdfunding: Why People Are Motivated to Post and Fund Projects on Crowdfunding Platforms" by Gerber, Hui, and Kuo

Week 9

Tuesday Mar 3:

  • Guest: Greg Horowitt from T2 Venture Capital
  • Drafts due: testable prototype and insights from testing

Thursday Mar 5:

  • Drafts due: mood boards, style guides, and video scripts
  • Studio time (poster, portfolio, video script/storyboards)

Week 10

Tuesday Mar 10:

  • Studio time
  • Drafts due: posters, portfolios, video storyboards

Thursday Mar 12:

  • Studio time
  • Last chance for feedback on posters, videos, portfolios, and prototypes

Week 11 (Finals Week)

Tuesday Mar 17 (11:30am-2:30pm):

  • Final video showcase and poster session
  • All final deliverables due by 11:30am on Mar 17